Burn Victims The Critical First 24 Hours

Emergency Care for Burn Victims Emergency Care Overview: The purpose of these pages is to provide you with information for the basic emergency care required within the first 24 hours after a burn injury. Patients with serious burn injuries should be referred to a burn center according to the Referral Criteria established by the American Burn Association. To determine the seriousness of […]

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Heroism Of Burn Survivors- Share a Heroic Tale

On his way home from a training in Mammoth, California Derek Thomas’ life was completely changed Stories courtesy of the Burn Institute Of California Derek was traveling with his girlfriend, two fellow athletes, and their coach when their car lost control, flipped onto its side, and was struck by an oncoming van. He was pulled from the vehicle with burns over 80 […]

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How Is The Victim’s Life Changed After A Serious Burn

How Is The Victim’s Life Changed After A Serious Burn ? For most  burn survivors, the intense trauma of their injuries begins with the burning incident and sometimes, never goes away. It’s physical recovery process is long and painful. Many individuals will also suffer from depression, low-self esteem, sleep disorders, and other emotional traumas for the as long as they live. However, […]

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