Heroism Of Burn Survivors- Share a Heroic Tale

Burn Survivor Shares a Heroic Tale

Heroism Of Burn Survivors –  On his way home from a training in Mammoth, California Derek Thomas’ life was completely changed

Story is a courtesy of the Burn Institute Of California

Heroism Of Burn Survivors

Derek was traveling with his girlfriend, two fellow athletes, and their coach when their car lost control, flipped onto its side, and was struck by an oncoming van. He was pulled from the vehicle with burns over 80 percent of his body, he was given a one percent chance of survival.

After a long year in the hospital, and 42 surgeries He was able to return home. He had beaten the odds. His strength and will to live far exceeded the scientific expectations. Derek’s survival story is astounding, and yet even more inspiring is his determination to continue living his life the way he always lived it, uninhibited by his annoying scars.

The Burn Institute has partnered with Derek and his family to raise funds to support his recovery, and his college aspirations. If you would like to donate, to support Derek please do so here. All donations made to support Derek will ONLY go towards Derek and his lifelong road to recovery.

And As with many young burn survivors, Diana was injured by a scalding liquid

Heroism Of Burn Survivors

At the age of 3, Diana and her cousin were playing in the kitchen when a pot of boiling water fell on her. She was rushed to the UCSD Regional Burn Center, and sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her neck, chest, arms, back, thighs, chin and face. Diana grew up with the Burn Institute.

She began attending Camp Beyond the Scars as soon as she was able to, at age 6. Now in her twenties, Diana continues to go to Camp, only now as a camp counselor so she can share her experience and strength with young burn survivors. She has also become involved in Burn institute  S.O.A.R. (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) program, as a Peer Supporter.

Diana is an inspiration to our staff and to her fellow survivors. Her willingness to give back to the Burn Institute, and other burn survivors demonstrates how generous and loving she truly was and still is. If you would like to make a donation to support Diana and other burn survivors please click here.

Your donation will go towards all of the Burn Institute’s Child Burn Survivor Support programs. Your donation will make a lasting impact on the life and recovery of young burn survivors.



Marius is a true testament to the strength and perseverance of the human spirit and the well to survive


Heroism Of Burn Survivors

His story is remarkable, and uplifting

Marius is from Romania, at the young age of 8 experienced a horrific accident. He awoke one night to a house engulfed in flames and smoke. He survived because he was able to crawl outside and away from the flames. But His parents were not as lucky, and did not survive. Marius sustained 3rd and 4th degree burns over 80 percent of his body; he lost his nose, he lost his fingers, and his family. Martius was treated in Romania and placed in an orphanage while he recovered.

He had two surviving siblings who were away at the time, but neither was able to care for Marius. As he was recovering in the orphanage Marius met two student nurses from the United States, these women fell in love with Marius, his infectious personality, and the determination to survive.

They decided to do something more for him, and coordinated his transfer to Shiner’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Since his arrival to the United States Marius has undergone multiple operations: eye and nose reconstruction, five toe-to-finger transfers, and skin grafting of the mouth.

But his healing in the United States has included more than his physical recovery. Marius was adopted by the loving family of one of the American nurses that helped him in Romania. Now a thriving teenager, Marius is settled in to his new life and new American home.

He has become part of the Burn Institute family. He is a confident young man, and makes a difference in the lives of many because of his eagerness to share his survivor story. The Burn Institute was greatly moved by Marius’ story and has created a fund specifically for him.

All donations made to support Marius will ONLY go towards Marius and his lifelong road to full recovery.

This is one of the most dramatic stories I’ve ever seen – He is a true Hero!

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Heroism Of Burn Survivors


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